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BS&L Chip Cards


    We’re excited to announce three great changes coming to your BS&L Debit Card! First, it’s going to be a “chip”-enabled card, for your security. Second, we’ve redesigned the card with a new, bold and local look.  Finally, we’ve partnered with Discover to process all our debit card transactions, which will further improve security and offer you some great new benefits.

WE CHOSE DISCOVER FOR OUR DEBIT CARDS because like us, Discover has been out there working hard to bring superior products and customer service to its customers.

WE CHOSE CHIP CARDS because the security is a big step up from the mag stripe only card

WE CHOSE OUR DESIGN because it was local, fun, and different.


FAQs that you got in the mail from us and definitely DID NOT throw away

Link to our debit card security page

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Business Benefits Guide

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