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Call Us

Have questions? We're here to help.  Here is a short list of numbers that may come in handy!

Personal Banking & Business Banking Customer Service 802.254.5333

Online Banking/Debit Card/Foreign Travel 802.254.5333

Loan Servicing 802.254.5333 

Mortgage Lending 802.254.5333 

Commercial Banking Lisa 802.275.3984

Marketing/Advertising/Sponsorships 802.275.1185

To Report your Debit/ATM card lost or stolen:

1. Contact our Fraud Center at 800.417.4592  (24/7)
2. Call us directly during regular banking hours at 888.806.6400
3. Call our automated phone line: 877.275.6731 (24/7)
4. Log into your online banking at, and go the “Options” tab (24/7)




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