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Checking Comparisons

Checking Accounts

Vermont is home.  Your business is here. Where is your bank headquartered? Out of town? Out of state? A good relationship with your bank can be one of your business' greatest strengths - and can help make our whole community stronger. We offer checking products designed for the smallest business to the largest, and everything in between.

Business Checking Account*
We've designed this account to be simple, convenient and affordable. With up to 300 items** free each month, we’ve found that this account meets the needs of most small to medium sized businesses perfectly!  After your 300th item** is processed, a nominal $0.20 per item** fee begins to accrue.  We’ve also set the statement cycle date at month-end to simplify your bookkeeping and accounting!

Commercial Checking Account*
If your business has a high level of activity, our Commercial Checking Account is designed for you.  There are no transaction limitations and per item** fees are kept low and affordable.  And better yet, an earnings credit helps offset your account activity fees each statement cycle making this account even more affordable!

Cash Management Sweep Account
If you own a local business, we know you work hard to maximize your profits.  Our Cash Management Sweep Account can maximize your business' earnings while you maintain day-to-day liquidity - ask us for more details!

Non-Profit Checking*
We’re part of this community and we believe in supporting our community.  That’s why we've created a special interest-bearing checking account just for non-profit organizations like yours. The minimum opening balance is low, and there are no fees or service charges.

* A Truth in Savings disclosure for each of our accounts is available at all offices upon request.

** An item includes any deposit ticket, deposited check, check written, debit card transaction or ACH credit or debit to your account during each statement cycle.


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