Debit Card Security

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Debit Card Security

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New Fraud Prevention for Your Debit Card

We are starting a year-long process to improve many aspects of our debit card program, and are pleased to present the first step – an improved fraud notification system.

When our system detects potential fraud on your card you will receive an automatic email notification from BS&L with the option to reply with "fraud" or "no fraud through the hyperlinks within the email.

One minute after the email, you will receive a text alert from 32874 between 7am and 9pm EST, which also has the "fraud" or "no fraud" option.

Remember - our messages will never ask for your PIN, card, or account number.

This system works best when we have your up-to-date email address, textable cell phone number and preferred voice phone number. If we’re missing any of these, the system goes on to the next step automatically. But please, get in touch with us to verify that we have your most current and preferred contact information!

The phone number for our Fraud Center is 1-800-417-4592. Add this number to your phone contacts and label it "Bank Fraud Center”, that way, if there is potential fraud on your card, you’ll know to take the call.

Thank you for taking the time to read this notice, and thank you for choosing BS&L as your bank. We know you have other banking options, and we appreciate your business. Now, we will get back to researching even more ways to serve you better, and protect your money.

If you are a victim of a phishing scam, or feel you may have compromised your card informtaion and someone has taken advantage of that, please contact your local FBI office, using the informtaion found in this link:

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