Certified B Corporation
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B Corp

“We're focused on our environmental impact, helping each other, and our community.”

We're proud to be a Certified B Corp

BS&L is only the 9th bank in the nation to do so. To earn this certification required a rigorous, yearlong evaluation to ensure that we meet the highest standards of ethical practices in four primary areas:

  • Community Benefit: We’ve been committed to this community for over a century through sponsorships, volunteerism, and leadership.

  • Environmental Impact: We are a solar-powered bank that actively works to be a good steward of Vermont’s environment.

  • Employee Engagement: We go above and beyond to take care of our team members in a way that is empowering, connective, and open.

  • Corporate Responsibility: As a mutual savings bank, we exist to benefit our depositors rather than distant shareholders or investors.

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B Corp Certification is awarded only to those businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability in a way that balances profit and purpose. We believe you can tell a lot about a company by the company they keep, so we proudly join Chroma Technology and Scott Farm locally, as well as other Vermont favorites like Ben & Jerry’s, Cabot Creamery, and King Arthur Flour. Looking globally, we join B Corp Certified brands like Patagonia, Dr. Bronner’s, and Eileen Fisher.

Being a B Corp is more than a measure, it’s a commitment to being the kind of bank, the kind of organization, and the kind of stewards that we want to be in the world. This is also exactly what BS&L has been doing all along, since 1912.

Environmental impact

Going solar is our way of reinforcing Vermont's commitment to a healthy environment, and our commitment to sustainability