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Meet Our Team

Every organization is exactly made up of the people who work there

For customers, seeing familiar faces at the bank provides a sense of continuity and care. Imagine walking into BS&L and not seeing Bernadette at the help desk directing traffic with a smile for all. The bank is a combination of familiar faces and some new ones, but a sense of community is the common thread that ties them together.

Senior Vice President & Senior Retail Officer

main office 

branch manager, wilmington

Photo of Mia DeAngelis

Senior Vice President Residential Lending

NMLS# 487902

Photo of Helen Wachtel

Assistant vice President & Senior Mortgage Officer

NMLS# 488141

Photo of Linda Hescock

Mortgage Officer

NMLS# 1536097

Photo of Peter Carvell

Senior Vice President & Senior commercial banking officer

Vice president & commercial banking officer

Vice President & Commercial banking officer

Deb Stephenson

 President & CEO

Tom Martyn

Executive Vice President & COO/CFO