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Who We Are

How matters in all we do

Brattleboro Savings & Loan has been a part of this region for only a bit less than half the time that there has been a Vermont. Since our beginning in 1912, we have become a staple of the area by creating and providing competitive financial services and solutions to help the surrounding communities flourish.

BS&L is a mutual savings bank, which means we are owned by our depositors, and that has made all the difference in our focus on creating growth and prosperity in our community. In fact, mutuals were the earliest forms of banks in the US, beginning in the early 1800s, and were started explicitly to provide benefit to a group of people – the local community.

Being a mutual savings bank means we exist for the benefit of all our depositors, our community and our employees. Virtually all the funds deposited at BS&L get reinvested back into our community, supporting local mortgages, and business and consumer loans, for all our friends and neighbors, and for the betterment of all. This matters, because it makes our decisions easier knowing they are based on “What is going to be of greatest benefit?” This isn’t a common question in today’s money above all corporate mentality, but it’s exactly the values of our customers and communities.

infographic with woman graphic says more than 50% women board of directorsinfographic showing Vermont Benefit Corporation since 2020 and showing illustration of a hand holding the letter Binfographic money bag icon for Loans Made in our Community showing over $36 million in our community in 2022 (within 50 miles)Est. 1912 - Serving customers for over 100 years!

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