Certified B Corporation
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In the Community

“The goal of a community bank is to benefit the community.”

By becoming a B Corpwe’ve broadened our context of responsibility

We remain totally committed to the local communities we serve through volunteering, investing, and sponsorships. We empower our employees by providing them time and opportunities to serve their neighbors boldly. We have reduced our environmental impact by becoming a solar powered bank and always work to diminish waste.

Our community

A community is more than a place, we’re a people. We are defined by a shared context that holds us together—sometimes tightly, sometimes loosely. The fiercely independent communities of southeastern Vermont are held tightly through bonds of compassion, hard work, and helping each other.

Our customers

As a community bank with an intentionally “For Benefit” structure, we are here to benefit the people and communities where we do business. This is an uncommon approach, but it reflects the values of the people we serve. This is why we’re a B Corp.

Our workers

People matter, and as an organization and employer, we know that we are exactly and beautifully the sum of these people, these neighbors, these lives. This inspires us to provide opportunities for our coworkers to grow into the best versions of themselves within their work, while allowing them time to express their civic engagement and community service for the betterment of all.

Our environment

It might be easier to ignore the vitality and importance of the environment in other parts of the world, but here in Vermont, there's no way to miss its beauty, power, and connection to people. Vermonters know that you underestimate nature at your peril. So too, must we make sure that we are being good stewards of this land, air and water. BS&L has pushed itself to be a good steward of our Vermont every year. 

Engagement 9.2 years average employee tenure icon graphic with icon showing a 'thumbs up'Solar power offset 70.6% of our electricity icon graphicVolunteered 1382 hours in our community icon graphic with icon showing two peopleLoans made in 2023 - $38 million into the local economy icon art

Increasing our commitment to doing the right thing

BS&L has been a Certified B Corp since December of 2018 and, as such, we've been working hard to have a positive impact on our local and global environment. The B Keepers committee was formed at the same time to help the bank grow and maintain our status as a Certified B Corp. Through the work of the B Keepers Committee, we've all participated in waste reduction at the bank.

In 2022, the B Keeper Committee was focused on the periodic recertification process, which is as rigorous as the original certification. “B Lab required a large amount of documentation showing our procedures, policies and proof that we are integrated in the community to the extent we claim,” said Ella Young, who was vice-chair of the B Keeper Committee last year. “Looking to the future, we would like to stay organized tracking the difference we’re making, have an ongoing focus on volunteering and use our influence as a force for good.”. 

Community giving and sponsorships

The very best way to ensure that your organization, or an organization you love will be supported, is to bank with BS&L. Put your money where your values are, and we will too. Organizations who bank with us receive first priority when it comes to allocating sponsorship dollars, and we invest a percentage of our profits (generally 10% or more) in local sponsorships. We give back by supporting school fundraisers, food drives, arts events, environmental education, annual company-wide initiatives for United Way and more.

To submit a sponsorship request, please review our sponsorship guidelines and complete the sponsorship request form.

Community Reinvestment Act

The Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) of 1977 encourages banks to meet the credit needs in the communities where they do business, including low-and-moderate income neighborhoods. View our CRA public files.

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Environmental impact

Going solar is our way of reinforcing Vermont's commitment to a healthy environment, and our commitment to sustainability