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Business Digital Banking

Sometimes the most convenient bank is the one where you are

Whether you need to check accounts while you're away from the office, or take care of transactions outside of business hours, your finances are just a click away. Set up alerts, view updates, pay your bills, make transfers and generally get stuff done whenever and wherever you are.

Cash Management
You use cash to build and operate your business. Make your cash resources a more productive asset through the use of deposit accounts and cash management services.

ACH Services
Offer your employees direct deposit, collect dues, or pay your vendors electronically. ACH Services give you the flexibility and tools you need to move funds electronically and easily.

Save time and the environment by setting up electronic statements “eStatements” for your checking and savings accounts. These are available online before your statement would even get into the mail.

Funds Transfers
Move money easily between your BS&L account, and your account at another financial institution with our Interbank transfers feature.

Remote Deposit
Remote Deposit gives you the power to deposit checks 24/7 right from your business location. It’s easy to use and we can provide the training, equipment and support you need to get started and to keep going.

Merchant Card Processing
We offer local businesses comprehensive services for processing credit, debit and check cards. You can lease or purchase card processing equipment for face-to-face transactions and we can help with online processing so you can accept payments on your website.

Bill Payment
Monthly bill paying can be such a hassle, but we can set you up for our bill pay option quickly and easily. Then you can make your payments from your BS&L checking account to anyone, anywhere.

Online Wires
Online wires can send funds electronically, typically with same day processing. So, if you need to move funds for a closing or to make a payment, you’re all set.

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