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Your Debit Card

Your new Mastercard should be in your wallet

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  • Make sure that you've activated your card. Follow the instructions on the carrier and card. When you call the activation number, be sure to follow the prompts and set your PIN, after you’ve activated your card. When it prompts for the last four digits of your social security number, enter the last four of the cardholder’s social, not the account holder’s, and for business cards, enter the last four digits of the business Employer Identification Number (EIN).

To activate your card or change your PIN call:
(800) 290-7893 USA  |  (206) 624-7998 International

Here's why your new Mastercard is the cat's pajamas:

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Tap and Go!
Your new card is contactless-enabled. At any merchant with a contactless-enabled point of sale terminal, you don’t need to swipe or dip your card; you can just hold the card against the terminal and your transaction will process. That’s it!

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Pay with your phone!
Your new card will work with Apple Pay® and Google Pay. You’ll enter your card information into the digital wallet on your phone and be able to pay with a click, even without your physical card. And it’s super secure!

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accepted worldwide
Mastercard is accepted in over 210 countries. From Argentina to Zimbabwe, you can travel with confidence. Please still let us know if you’re using your card overseas, and it's always good to have backup forms of payment, just in case.

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Control your card
MyCardRules™ is an easy-to-use app that lets you turn your card on and off, and set limits and alerts. Download the app, register your card and you’re good to go.


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ATMs Everywhere!
We've joined the Allpoint Network which runs over 55,000 no-fee ATMs across the US and at some locations overseas. Go to allpointnetwork.com or download the Allpoint mobile app, verify your card and you can get cash without paying a cent!


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